Do you treasure hunt?

Im seeking a total of 3 people.
I would like to form a treasure hunting team. People who are dedicated to actual hunting of valueables hidden, secret locations, artifacts. People willing to research, study and obtain information needed, willing to physical search, hike, and explorer areas of interest. People who can be part of a team, be trust worthy, honest, working hard with the team and having respect for the team the hunt and each other. No matter the out come or the danger, or whatever may happen as we hunt together. Beyond the 3 people im looking for there is myself and one other, we will all be in the field together. Protecting eachother, willing to save eachother and create a true team that is 100 percent there for eachother.....nobody is left behind, no body has power over another nobody is rewarded more then the others. We are equals no matter what. If you are willing to hunt, fail, struggle and gain whatever it maybe and equally stand next to 4 others without confrentation no matter your views of life race or personal opinion. Please contact us. Outside of the five in the field im willing to have possibly 2 other people one as a stay home organizer of info gathered, researcher, and telecommunications, so we may have someone watching over us and guiding us who is comfortable and able to help with logistic, correct choices for the team and gathering staus of each field member so we are constantly as safe as possible, and not slown down trying to question things we find in the field. You will have equal cut as field members if chosen. And lastly optional person who be someone willing to fund the hunts, willing to help provide so we can have better safety gear, technology, and capability of success. If your willing to research and help with other home logistics and data that would be great. You will not however gain more then anyone else, you will be equally cut in on anything discovered. I prefer you not in the field due to the judgements you may make due to your position. It could put us in many predicaments, none which would benefit the team in the field but you can guide us and be in constant contact with other member at all times. This is 100 percent a serious request. I dont want to deal with nay sayers, laughers of my request or any person negative about this subject. You will be ignored. If you are not capable of being an equal, respecting each member, respecting the team and the purpose dont reply to this ad. I have one equal now. We can hunt together as is. Its safer and smarter to obtain more people and with different skills. But the findings become split that much more with each memeber aquired. We may find nothing, we may fail many times, we will get upset and we will conflict as we go its part of the game. But we will doit together 100% if you are willing please contact me....

Skills id like the team to gain from the new members, and as we progress together are: knowledge of symbols like spanish mine symbols ,rock stacks, spanish language, indian markings and trail markers, survival, medical, rock climbing, capable vehicles, animal behaviors, geology, minerals, refining, precious metals, artifacts, safety, personal protection which is not just guns but hand to hand skills and defense against human or animal. I say this becauae ive had 4 mountain lions and two bears, then people of different problems or altercations. Were not here to hunt wild life or to harm others just protect the team. And have fun while we work together.

So far we have drones, metal detectors, knowledge, and a very high ambition for the hunt with devotion to stand together and be there for eachother even if attacked by a a bear or mountain lion. We all live, we all make it home or we all fail together. If i runfaster then a team memeber in danger im going back to place myself into that danger for the members best chance of surviving even if thats our last day. If you cant do that then dont reply and if come time you are not willing to stand next to any member of the team while in danger you will not be part of the team any longer. I will not give my life for someone deamed not equal you will be left behind if you then find yourself in a predicament of some danger. If the team cares enough to save you i will help the team i wont be there for you and you will no longer be an equal or a team member in my eyes. No second chance or votes on that subject. The safety and dedication to survival is the number 1 thing for for the team. Why should i save you just to watch you run away when its time that i need you. Im not the leader and there isnt one the the team makes the choice and if we cant the home logistics make the decision for field members. ( the funder makes the agreement as well) but both home team memebers must agree togther and will over ride the field members decisions always. We may not be thinking clearly due to our situation at hand.
Id like to hear from hunters like myself if your up for it.. we work full time but weekends and planned trips can be devoted and agreed upon. And we dont need all member to be there but they still will be in contact and have their right of decision where ever they are. For safety, rationization, guidance and anything more.
Thank you for reading.
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